Mind Games

After staring off 2021 with the first single “The Odyssey” HNTR is set to release his 2nd EP to date in the form of “Mind Games”. The 4 track project touches on a mix of genres further expanding HNTR’s sound into new realms on this space and psychological personal exploration themed offering. Following “The Odyssey” is the title track “Mind Games” with heavy Techno influenced synths rolling ahead over tough classic feeling House percussion a vocal repeats “In Your Mind” until it quite literally is. As with much of his production, the music takes as much from the past as it does from the future, burying itself in hypnotizing arpeggiators and a ridiculously catchy bassline. The third track is a deeper melodic composition aptly titled “Inception”. Taking musical cues from the idea of dreamstate evaluations that precede ones own thoughts this psychological journey blends deep and dark bass with a beautiful melody and staccato plucks that drive the drop deep into the furthest depths of your psyche. Finally, the ep concludes with “Infinity” which under its swirling synth line lays a peak time techno rumbler all about questioning our existence in our current reality as the title line explains “you look up you see, infinity..” Front to back this EP takes No Neon records to new grounds with a familiarity that reminds listeners of the sound that drew them to the label in the first place and it’s just the beginning for the camp in 2021.